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In my judgment, it is the opportunity to receive and extend forgiveness that is the greatest possible inducement to repentance and amendment of life, and — I cannot stress this too strongly — a shared repentance and amendment of life make genuine community possible. I have many colleagues who believe the same, and students at Baylor can find us. We will join the prophets and cry out for justice to roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. But we will also echo St. Paul and tell you that we Christians forgive others because God in Christ has forgiven us. We will tell you that your shortcomings and failures can never outpace the mercy of God, who loves his wayward children, all of them, and will someday wipe from their eyes every tear. This is the great hope of those who wound as well as those who are wounded. And all of us sometimes wound and sometimes are wounded.

(And then we will sit down at a table and strive better to understand, and better to pursue, the good, the true, and the beautiful.) — Alan Jacobs


Those who have clung to a stubborn faith in Trump look set to soon find that he has abandoned them in a world he hardly changed — a world said faith has led them to believe is run with impunity by an omnipotent, ultra-competent cabal of kiddie-diddlers.

Then again, that’s the pattern of cults, isn’t it? A revelation of truth from on high will set you free; a Gnostic secret, known only to adepts, will make the world into a prison. — Michael Brendan Dougherty


I’m attempting an experiment here.  I’ve been using ios优质梯子 to “blog” off and on for some time now and have not really used this site much.  But as I have gone through an existential crisis over at Collected Miscellany I started thinking about what I really want to do with the domains I pay for.

I kicked around the idea of just giving up, which I might still do ;-)

But I decided that the best next step was to focus the content.  I have flirted with general blogging over at CM occasionally but never really committed to it (surprising, I know).  But I think that is the wrong approach.  I think if CM has an value (and lets be blunt, the traffic is all but gone) it is in book reviews and author interviews not as a tumblr/blog. I’m going to try and clean that site up and use it just to post book reviews.  I also hope to work on writing more focused and valuable reviews as part of that process (fingers crossed).

进行激烈训练|《恶魔的烦恼》全新操作进行时(26~30关 ...:2021-6-19 · 第三十关,立即赶往“A”点并搭设一把梯子;再到“B”点,也搭设一把梯子,随后在折返到“A”点墙壁一侧,用镐头凿开“A”点墙壁,直接掉落到最下面一层;在赶到“C”点,架设一把梯子,收集两把钥匙;最后就是到“D”点上方,搭设两个梯子,通到“E”点上方,架设梯子

Do blogs still work?  Does anyone really care what I think?  Will I stick with this approach long enough to find out? Who knows.  Stay tuned…

孤独汤姆银河旅行V1.11安卓版 - 昔阳审计局:2021-6-7 · IOS iphone 存档点击 qq飞车 游戏目录 人生的路,就是学会忘记孤独汤姆银河旅行V1.11安卓版,懂得放弃,人生总是从告别中走向明天。轻轻对自己说,人生不易,好好活着,风雨人生,继续追寻。悄悄告诉自己说,没事的,一切皆如此,漫漫人生 ...



CMT Crossroads featured Mumford & Sons and Emmylou Harris in an episode that originally aired on September 27, 2012


Success in the New Economy from Brian Y. Marsh on Vimeo.

If you are a parent, high school or college student this is a must watch video.

Of course, anyone who want to better understand the connection between higher education and career would do well to watch it.

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